About the Artist

She was born in Lithuania in the town of Ignalino. She was raised in an intellectual family: her mother taught chemistry and her father was the head of a railway station. The roots of the Pashkovsky family are noble landlords. Nina’s creative biography began during elementary school: the first teacher was her grandfather, Aleksander Paszkowski, who loved painting. Nina used to draw in notebooksduring mathematics, physics and chemistry lessons…

She graduated from Vilnius University with a degree in pedagogy and psychology.

In April 2005 she moved to Warsaw. Professor Jan Reszka played a special role in the development of her talent. Classes with him influenced her creative path. The latest works of the artist are painted in a surreal style. Homeland – Lithuania remains its spiritual source. Vilnius streets and the unique beauty of Lithuanian nature excites the imagination and becomes the plot of new canvases. Living in Warsaw, she created a series of Lithuanian paintings. Nina Paszkowska presented her paintings at the exhibition in Ursus and at three individual exhibitions in Warsaw. Many canvases have already spread through personal collections both in Poland and abroad.

First drawings


Paszkowski Family


The only preserved picture of her grandfather
With Prof. Jan Reszka